Another 1577

January 4, 2022 0 Comments

I still can’t seem to stop with simplicity 1577. I made this a while back:

It’s from a few of the material I gotten on my last trip to Japan. It’s a very, extremely fine-wale plaid corduroy, nearly a velveteen.

Sorry for the dark pictures — dark dress, dark room:


Matched plaids on the front skirt! (This was much easier than I thought, I utilized directions from the Colette stitching Handbook.)

Not so much matching on the back — I ran out of fabric! however then again, if you’re costs sufficient time checking out my rear to notice that the plaid isn’t exactly matched, there’s one more discussion we must be having.


The material was heavy sufficient that I lined the collar with a lightweight black fabric, instead of self-lining it: 


And a somewhat brighter view of the bodice: 


This material is so soft as well as comfortable to wear — it’s lighter-weight than it looks, so the skirt doesn’t rather hang as well as in the denim as well as seersucker versions. however it’s not a significant difference. It does pick up rather a bit of lint (especially in the wash). 

I believe it may be time for one more one … I have some heavy corded cotton that may be just the ticket!

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