YAS (yet one more shirtdress)

March 1, 2022 0 Comments

I just bought one more shirtdress pattern. If this goes on I will soon have every button-front gown with a collar ever MADE. this came from Out of the Ashes; I assumption that means I can stop my eBay browse for it. potentially not. I might try to corner the vintage-shirtdress-pattern market … [insert evil laugh here]

I bought this for the yellow version, however I have a sneaking suspicion the red may get made, too. Aren’t those neckline pleats lovely? Not so sure about the one in the middle; it looks a bit fussy to me …

There’s a back view, too, as well as I believe — I’m not sure, however it’s completely possible — that the collar is built with a diagonal seam at the point. I like collars like that. Of course, I might be totally wrong — it has happened, oh, when or twice before — however even if I am it’s a lovely, lovely dress. (Even if it is virtually indistinguishable from the last five shirtdress patterns I’ve bought.)

Of course, I still have to figure out where the pockets will go. I believe that I will have to recut the skirt to ensure that the front piece doesn’t have a center front seam, however instead two balance out front side seams, as well as put the pockets there. (This likewise has the advantage of not having to make sure that center front seam is both physically as well as optically according to the bodice buttons!)

Linktastic Friday will be back next week, by the way. potentially on Wednesday or perhaps even on Monday. As all the psychologists know, intermittent reinforcement is the very best method to keep people’s rate of interest up …

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