In my plan, we are NOT beltless.

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numerous thanks to Robinson, who sent along this link from vintage Martini. Isn’t it marvelous? My preferred view is the one half-hidden in the back, with the black patent belt. Now, I comprehend intellectually that black patent is most likely a bitch to sew, as well as that its launderability is, shall we say, questionable, as well as that it will need black patent accessories (the last time I had black patent shoes I was using them with ruffled anklets as well as contemplating my very first Communion) as well as that the whole business would be vastly simplified if I might just get an actual belt, as well as not one stitched on. however emotionally, I don’t care. The heart wants what it wants, as somebody when pityingly told me, as well as my heart wants an obscenely red gown with a shiny black patent belt. (Perhaps my heart is secretly Helmut Lang? who knows.)

Although the yellow/blue/gray combo in front has its own not inconsiderable appeals — I keep in mind fondly a pair of earrings I had in eighth grade; bit button ones keeping that precise color combination. I believe the earrings were $1 at Woolworths, however they necessitated the purchase of an entire attire to match. I won’t tell you about the outfit, as it was a horror of the Eighties (camp shirt; jazz oxfords; anklets) however I liked that color combination. (Now, of course, I have used the exact same bit hoops for almost seven years. Pirates modification their earrings much more frequently than I do.)

Whichever color combination you make (and note I am not suggesting prints here, although a black gown with the belt made in two differently-scaled houndstooths would be, well, freaking AWESOME) the pattern is $14. somebody go purchase it before I break down as well as figure out exactly how to sew patent, okay?

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