7 reasons I Invested In A Senreve Maestra

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While I like the concept of a great slouchy carry as much as the next person, in some cases you just requirement your bag to have a bit backbone, you know? To be honest, I’m a bit over the days of throwing all of my necessaries into a sloppy jalopy carry bag and praying that my laptop as well as other personal impacts are still in one piece after sloshing around all day. For high-performance days when you’re commuting, traveling, racing between meetings, or juggling infant paraphernalia, you requirement a bag that has structure, providing your personal belongings both organization as well as protection. The Senreve Maestra offers this in spades.



It’s simpler to stay organized when your bag does the heavy lifting for you, as well as the Maestra has pockets galore to assist you do just that. There are lots of interior pockets (EIGHT, to be exact, including a padded laptop sleeve) plus an exterior pocket for simple gain access to to necessities like your phone, boarding pass, passport, etc. In fact, the pockets are so plentiful as well as well-designed that because having a baby, the Senreve Maestra has really likewise ended up being my preferred “diaper bag.” Which brings me to my next point…



There is nothing a Maestra cannot do. Like, if you asked her nicely, I’m quite sure she’d make you breakfast. This bag can operate as a very polished work bag, a practical carry-on tote, as well as even a fully-functional diaper bag for crying out loud. It is a veritable masterclass in multitasking. instead of purchasing several bags for several purposes, you can just purchase one Maestra as well as phone call it a extremely trendy day. My condolences to the staying bags in your wardrobe who may never see the light of day again.


Durable Leather

Oh, right, the quality. This is not a bag you bring for one season as well as then donate. Senreve provides the bag in a number of colors as well as leather types, however regardless of your option (Mimosa, Pebbled, Dolce, Dragon, etc.), all the leathers utilized in the development of this bag are of the greatest quality, coated, as well as incredibly sturdy. You will never have to offer with regrettable stretching or a bag that can’t stand up to… you know, being utilized without instantaneously looking used out. This bag can be utilized permanently while retaining its spectacular shape as well as luxe look. 


Four methods To wear It

This bag would be worth the investment if you might only wear it one way, however the Maestra can be used four ways. five actually, if you count, “Rich, hold this.” It can be used as a traditional satchel, a tote, a cross body, or as a backpack, my personal preferred choice for when I requirement both my hands totally free to tend to HRH Colette’s needs as well as whims.6


I know, this one’s a wildcard, right? I never believed I’d care this much about bag feet however right here we are. The Senreve Maestra has metal feet that assist to both safeguard the base, as well as likewise keep the bag upright. Feet seem like a little thing (lol, literally), however exactly how numerous times have you wrestled with exactly how to put down your carry bag without it falling over as well as having whatever spill out? When your bag includes truly important products like your laptop, tablet, etc., the feet keep those things in location as well as protected. It’s indicative of exactly how much believed went into the bag’s style overall—no detail was left unaddressed.



Oh right, it’s likewise STUNNING. This bag is beautiful. So beautiful. in some cases I just gaze into it like a campfire. Not only is the Maestra totally polished as well as classic, however it’s likewise just a beautiful piece of sartorial excellence. all of the reasons I invested in a Senreve Maestra mentioned above wouldn’t work if I didn’t likewise like the method this bag looks. Rest-assured, whether you’re in a boardroom, a playground or a jet bridge, you’ll look the part.

In sum, I am endlessly thankful I invested in a Senreve Maestra and the reasons above show it. If you see the level of quality, care, as well as flexibility an investment piece such as this can have, you’ll make smarter investments moving forward, too.

Thanks to Senreve for partnering on this post.

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