What jewelry Do You wear to the Office?

August 28, 2022 0 Comments

What jewelry do you wear to the office (and beyond) on a regular basis? (Please share links if you’ve bought any recently!) What jewelry do you have to stop yourself from reaching for it yet again because you wear it maybe too often? (Which pricy jewelry pieces have you bought are getting enough wear to justify the price — and which jewelry pieces in your collection do you already have your money’s worth on?)

For my $.02, I keep buying Alexis Bittar jewelry because those are the necklaces I wear the most — to me it’s an easy way to add color near my face since I tend to wear so many dark neutrals. some of my most worn items are this blue pendant and this neon yellow pendant (which is a total surprise to me; I wouldn’t have thought neon yellow was my thing). I can’t find either available for sale at the moment, but the necklace above is similar to my blue pendant, although mine is slightly simpler. (But now I’ll be keeping an eye on the one above, too, ha.)

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I’m always happy to pull out the Stephen Dweck Galactical earrings my spouse bought for me (well, bought off my list of asked-for jewelry) — they’re pretty and interesting without being too blingy, and the misty pink ones I have look nice against my dark hair. On the flip side, I still love but almost never wear my Monica Vinader siren earrings because they’re rose gold with light blue stones, and I don’t have many other pieces of rose gold to pair them with. (You can mix metals if you want to, but for my $.02 it needs to be a bit more intentional than wearing one piece in gold and one piece in rose gold…. but maybe that’s me.)

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One piece I’m not sure I appreciate enough is my Ippolita necklace. I like the one I bought, and I stalked a lot of them, for a long period (6-12 months) to see what I wanted to buy… but I just don’t like it $300 worth. (I just checked – I paid $396 at Last call for it; this eBay option looks very similar to mine.)
I wear almost zero of the fine jewelry I bought at Macy’s-like department stores — I have tons of onyx, garnet, pearl, and other necklaces and rings that I barely wear. I have a tiny sapphire pendant shaped like a diamond that I still wear, and a humorously large gold cocktail ring in a purplish/green semi-precious gem that I forget the name of at the moment (I think it’s mystic topaz).

For special occasions I still wear my blingy, Art Deco-y diamond earrings and right-hand diamond ring — they both still feel fancy and I’m happy to pull them out. (They truly were shopping category killers for me!)
Readers, how about you — what jewelry do you wear to the office? Which are your favorite pieces on repeat, and which pieces do you think you should wear more?
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Stock photos via stencil (blonde woman wearing a bracelet and multiple necklaces and rings).

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