Vacation horror stories

September 30, 2022 0 Comments

With holidays coming up, here’s a fun topic for today: let’s all share our holiday horror stories! What comically went wrong on your vacation? What was a rookie mistake and what was just one of those things? What would you do differently to plan your next vacation?
My $.02: Last week, we went on a beach vacation with my in-laws. It was meant to be an amazing, charming time away for all of us, and the boys’ first real trip to the beach. We even had gotten tickets to Disney world (an hour away from where we were staying) to go check out for a day.
On day 3, I fell into the pool at the house (I vow drinking was not involved), and somehow injured my knee enough that it no longer can bear weight. Yay!
Day 3 was spent at the emergency room (where docs said nothing was broken and instructed me to RICE it), and days 4-6 were spent lounging on the couch. There’s no pain, no swelling, no bruising — it just won’t hold weight. We’re back from holiday now and I’m seeing the ortho this afternoon. On the plus side: I got a lot more reading done than I have in a long time (hooray for library books on the Kindle) — and the Disney trip has been postponed for a later vacation.
I wasn’t the only casualty on the trip, though — my daddy in law wound up at the er and had to stay a night for observation. (He’s fine now.)
My spouse walked into the ocean to play — with his budget and iphone in his pocket. Later, as the rest of his budget dried, he lost his driver’s license the day before we were due to fly home. (Amazingly, someone found his license and we were able to retrieve it before boarding the plane, and he’s all set up with a new phone now.) 

It was a comically bad holiday — and yet I’m thankful that it wasn’t worse, and I didn’t hit my head near the pool, and it was me instead of the boys. My spouse found this shot glass at a gift shop and had to get it.
Ladies, what are your favorite holiday horror stories? (On the flip side: is your holiday horror story that you haven’t had time to use your holiday time?)   
Update: I tore my ACL on this trip! My “knee sprain” never quite healed — even after I could walk on it I kept collapsing randomly, so the powers that be finally took an MRI. As it turns out some people need their ACL for stability — so I had ACL surgery in April 2016.
Psst: how to leave on holiday without losing your mind, how to plan a vacation, and holiday etiquette at the office.

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