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January 29, 2022 0 Comments

Hélose sent me a link to this eBay auction — the picture is not of the best, but really, do you need to know any a lot more than “1950’s crossword-themed dress?” before you start mousing around for the “Bid” button?

It’s 36-26(ulp)-39, and the bidding ideal now is about $25.

As you know, I already am the pleased possessor of a crossword-themed dress, but I’m keeping an eye out for a lot more crossword fabric — the tournament does last three days, after all.

I can’t tell if the buttons are little squares or not, but it looks as if they are. and it has pockets, to hold your pencils! What a lot more could you ask?

Click on the image to check out the auction, as usual.

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