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January 31, 2022 0 Comments

A long time ago I posted about this pattern, McCalls 5147:

And now Toi has found it all made up, available for sale on Etsy ($40, B36, click on the image to check out the listing):

I love it when I find handmade vintage for which I can identify the source pattern — it’s like CSI: Sewing, isn’t it (except with fewer splatter marks)? and it really helps when I’m trying to decide which of the embarrassingly large number of patterns in my sewing room should be worked up next — look how well this one worked out! I love the rick-rack, and the orange & plaid combo. how fancy would this look in plaid taffeta and velvet? (It’d also look about six years old, but I don’t usually let that stop me.)

Has anybody else ever found a dress and known what pattern it was attached from? (It doesn’t count if you found it in your own closet …)

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