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May 28, 2022 0 Comments

game of Thrones Tshirts from Johnny Cupcakes
The heat of the new season of game of Thrones has piped down and I understand that the premiere episode was quite underwhelming for a big part of eager fans. but however you criticize this TV show you know it is one of the best series in the history of small screen book adaptations.
Because it has a very strong and loyal fan base, the merchandise endorsing it comes in all forms and shapes. So, apart from being fans of the cold-blooded intrigue and boobs, we are also fans of t-shirts (duh!) that feature, in an original way, characters, memes, or any other kind of design alluding to game of Thrones. and when that comes from a favorite designer we’ve constantly been featuring on the blog, all the better.
None other than Johnny Cupcakes has one such t-shirt featured on his site, with a John Snow character designed his very own chubby style that you will love. and if you are animal symbol fan, you can also get a t-shirt with what can only remind you of the game of Thrones direwolf.

The t-shirts are kind of pricey but they are original Johnny Cupcakes and most likely they will be discontinued. So get yours while stock lasts, because this us a real game of Cupcakes!
The Johnny know nothing big kid design is also available as a sticker:

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