Fine art designs and illustrations by Kelly McKernan

June 14, 2022 0 Comments

Kelly McKernan is a fine artist and illustrator from Atlanta, Georgia, currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. Kelly is a graduate with a degree of Bachelor of fine Arts from Kennesaw state University, with a concentration in drawing and painting.
Kelly’s work examines personal growth resulted from internal struggle. Her feminine characters typically battle the opposing forces of instinct and reason, to finally understand their strengths, weaknesses, and desires.
Kelly has been exhibiting her work with numerous galleries since 2009, including notable spaces such as Thinkspace Gallery, Gallery 1988, Gallery Nucleus, and Subtext Gallery. She has also illustrated three children’s book to date and is a member of the PRISMA artist collective and a current Grumbacher featured Artist.
Now she shares the excitement of her successes with her spouse as they are expecting their first child in March of 2014.
Fine art designs and illustrations by Kelly McKernan


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